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Dispute Resolution


Independent Dispute Resolution – Casinos

Under the Code of Practice for Gambling Operators, issued by the Gambling Commission, Licensees must put in place procedures for resolving customer complaints and disputes and the existence and terms of such procedures must be drawn to the attention of all customers.

In this code a ‘complaint’ means a complaint about any aspect of the Licensee’s conduct of the licensed activities, and a ‘dispute’ is any complaint which :-

a) Is not resolved at the first stage of the complaints procedure: and

b) Relates to the outcome of the complainant’s gambling transaction.

Licensees must ensure that:-

Licenses must also ensure that customers whose disputes are not resolved to their satisfaction by the use of the complaints procedure may refer then to an independent third party. The arrangement under which such complaints are referred may, but need not, provide for the third party’s decision be binding on the licensee and the customer.

In order to meet this requirement NCiF members will make available a ‘Gaming Disputes Procedure’ leaflet for customers, which will set out the procedures put in place to deal with complaints and disputes. It will also make reference to the Independent Panel of Casino Arbitration (IPCA) which any customer can contact via the operator if all internal avenues have been exhausted.

The panel is largely comprised of retired senior members of the Gambling Commission or other independent reputable casino industry experts. A list of IPCA panel members and their credentials are listed below:

(Please note the Independent Panel of Casino Arbitration is independent of the National Casino Industry Forum).



IPCA Panel Members


1. Tim Adams

After retiring as Chief Superintendent from the Metropolitan Police Tim Adams joined the Gaming Board for Great Britain in 1990. During his service with the Gaming Board as Inspector, Staff Officer, Senior Inspector and Deputy Chief Inspector he deal with and became experienced in all aspects of probity and gaming regulation until his retirement in January 2006.


2. David Harris

I am aged 65 years and have worked in the Casino Industry for 43 years. I started as a croupier at Crockfords in 1964 and over the years progressed to the position of general manager at the Victoria Casino in London. During the latter part of my career I became increasingly interested and involved in the training and development of all grades of casino staff. Having achieved a training qualification with the H.C.I.T.B. I developed Management Training Courses including Gaming Law Training and Fast Track Development. I lectured on the subject of Casino Operations at Salford University from 1998 to 2002. In 2002 I set up my own limited company – Casino Gaming Education Services Ltd and have run courses for the Industry, training and developing all grades of staff. I run a Gambling Commission approved Management Course as well as Dealer, Inspector and Pit Boss Courses.


3. Patrick Hayward

Patrick Hayward is an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Secretaries and is a Consultant working in the Casino Field after retirement from 33 years employment in the industry, mainly in senior positions. As first Company Secretary and then Compliance Director and Commercial Director he has vast experience of all aspects of the business including compliance issues, legal services, audit and licensing matters. He has had a great deal of experience in conducting internal enquiries and has sat as adjudicator on employment appeals. As a founder member of the Salford University Advisory Board he was instrumental in establishing a new industry wide qualification for casino executives.


4. Bill Galston OBE

Bill Galston OBE a former police officer joined the Gaming Board for Great Britain when it was formed in 1970 and retired as the Chief Inspector after 26 years service. He had operational responsibility for the Board’s Inspectorate and his responsibilities meant he was closely involved with the development of regulatory policy and the effects of UK gambling legislation on both the industry and it’s customers. He traveled widely observing regulatory models overseas and in many instances advised new jurisdictions on the introduction and development of legislation. He was a specialist advisor to the DCMS Parliamentary and Joint Parliamentary Scrutiny Committees during the passage of the Gambling Act 2005, is an Associate Member of the International Association of Gaming Attorneys and of the International Masters of Gaming Law. He is a Vice President and past Chairman of Gamcare and acts as Independent Chairman of a number of Compliance Committees in the UK and abroad.


5. Ian Maxwell

Retired from Strathclyde Police after a career served mainly in criminal investigation, latterly as officer in charge of the Force Identification Bureau, the department responsible for scenes of crime examination services. Joined the Gaming Board in 1991 as Area Inspector for West Scotland and in 1999 became Senior Inspector, in charge of the Scottish and North England Region and continued in this post with the Gambling Commission until retiring in 2006. He has an extensive knowledge of gaming and regulatory compliance functions.


6. Billy Sherry

Billy Sherry worked for over 30 years in various departments in HM Government and between 1987 and 1997 he held a number of posts associated with the investigation of major frauds. In July 1997 he was appointed as a Gaming Board (subsequently Gambling Commission) Inspector in the London and South East Region. He resigned from the Gambling Commission in April 2006 to become a consultant to the gaming industry.


7. Michael Wiseman

I am a married man aged 66 years. I retired from the Gaming Board/Gambling Commission in July 2006 having served as an 'Area Inspector' in the Midland Region for over 14 years. Prior to that I was a serving police officer in Norfolk for 32 years retiring as an inspector in 1991.


8. Robert (Bob) Good BSc.

After retiring as a Superintendent from Essex Police Bob Good joined the Gaming Board for Great Britain where he served as an Inspector and Senior Inspector, responsible for all gaming matters within the London and South East area. With the formation of the Gambling Commission he was promoted to a newly created post of National Compliance Manager - Casinos. He served in this post from 2006 until his retirement from the Commission in 2012. Bob has wide experience of all gaming matters and specifically casinos where he was responsible for both overseeing compliance throughout the country and the introduction of new casinos under the Gambling Act 2005.


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