is the charity of the casino and gaming industry and was set up in order to provide specialised powered wheelchairs for youngsters with varying disabilities, some of whom have a short life span and have no other way of getting around independently. CHIPS buy wheelchairs that the NHS cannot or will not provide and that parents cannot afford to purchase.

The CHIPS Charity committee, which is formed from senior members of the Gaming Industry, give their time freely. No expenses are deducted and therefore every penny raised goes towards providing the happiness that CHIPS stands for, giving every child an improved quality of life. Each powered wheelchair is tailor made according to the child’s specific needs.

Praesepe have supported CHIPS over the last 3 years and have so far raised £75K which has paid for 20 specially adapted wheelchairs. Last year the Cashino team raised nearly £37,000 and has provided eight powered wheelchairs to children desperate for mobility and independence. There are many more youngsters needing our help and this year we have agreed that the Cashino, Showboat, Beacon Bingo and Agora teams will collectively be raising funds.

This year’s campaign will run from 1st June to 30th June and all venues should have now received a supply of CHIPS Charity leaflets, sponsor forms, information posters and a target level chart to record fundraising progress.

Our target for 2011 is £50k!

We can do it; please help CHIPS to create more HAPPINESS for many YOUNGSTERS and their families.

Kick off your fundraising ideas… NOW!


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