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A croupier, or dealer, works on the casino floor. They are responsible for managing the games at their table including welcoming players, explaining rules and calculating payouts. The ability to make fast mental calculations, self-confidence and good people skills are essential. All gaming staff are licensed by the Gambling Commission and work under the supervision of an inspector whose role is to ensure that gaming regulations are adhered to.


Staff training and development

From chefs and customer service assistants to licensed gaming staff and ‘fast-track’ managers, there are numerous opportunities for those considering a career in the industry.

Some of our members’ extensive employment and training opportunities can be accessed through our website.


How do I apply for a personal functional licence?

Casino employees will have to apply for a personal functional licence (PFL) if they are involved in gaming or handling cash in relation to gambling.



Further information

If you would like more information regarding a career in the casino industry :

Email: director@nci-forum.co.uk

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